the profile mirror / 3:8 ratios composition

between the repetitive parts and the whole frame lies the main aesthetic element that integrates them on multiple layers to reach the final composition.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.04.43 AM






the mirror celebrates the reflected object; person like a photo frame for an impermanent photo, the geometric ornament was formed of a repetition of squares and rectangles in 3:8 ratio.

the mirror is framed with small mosaics of variable wood veneers: oak, vengai, mahogany cut by chisels and glued on plywood.

we had a enjoyable shooting day; started with fitting the clothes on deena and set the make-up and drawing the face ornament, to take the final photos.
sondos sief: organizer & photographer
Maie Mohie: make-up artist
Deena Omar: model
and behind the mirror;
menna hassan: marquetry artisan
abdallah rgb: product designer


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