ferka /a textile design workshop

in march 2016 i went to naqada village in qena in upper egypt with Yomken initiative to make a two days workshop with freka artisans.

ferka is a basic loom threads textile; “Ferka is quite the heritage. It’s a traditional craft inherited by the dynasty the people of Naqada since the era of the pharaohs. Ferka is the production of shawls made of dry palm leaves, cotton and linen. Naqada people mastered crafting using manual looming and their industry flourished in the seventies so much that Naqada people had more than one loom at their home and they exported to many African countries. However, the deterioration of the economic situation Egypt experienced many of these artisans were forced to discard looming.” yomken stated.



the main design challenge was to transform the solid areas of the ornament to a series of stripes to be executed on the ferka loom.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 6.47.28 PM

the second challenge was to convince the artisans to use the ruler and respect the inner dimensions of each motif; the thread thickness of the foreground and the background, and overall the motif outer dimensions.


_MG_8809 copyi liked the experience and i like to repeat it in a different village in upper egypt as each one has its local textiles.



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  1. katgarbutt says:

    A great insight into these artisans workshops! Thanks for sharing

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