flying cabinet

after a long research on mid-century furniture vocabularies and features, which is one of its obvious features is separating the furniture unit into two different elements: the functional element and the standing element, i decided to work on the flying cabinet which consists of a 210cm * 55cm * 43.2cm BOX that was made of sheets of mdf and routed by CNC router, the box’s faces were joined together by CNC tenons and mortises -the functional element-, and el-muqarnas structure system -the standing element-.

the structure is a modular system of  40.0 cm X 40.0 cm X 40.0 cm repetitive unit, that fits human scale in many activities -sitting, eating, relaxing, studying and standing …- . the modular unit could be applied in many products that suit the previous activities -chair, coffee table, dinning table, desk.

mortises CNC cuts in .mdf

the box is 43.2 cm above the ground and standing on el-muqarnas structure system that was solved in CNC.

is landing
the ground
flying cabinet in technicolors


in 24th of October, will participate in /DubaiDesignWeek with another version of flying cabinet; α.

α. is the modular unit of flying cabinet, it’s 400mm height, 400mm width and the depth is 200mm, stands on 3 points of triangle, the unit carries balanced distributed load up to 160 kg and concentrated loads up to 88 kg on vertical axe.

the intellectual work and the copyrights are reserved for & abdallah.rgb


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