x.o.* muqarnas /the.composition


the universe is full of joined components in bigger components according to their categories and hierarchies, like atom/molecular/material relation, starting from a set of cells in a biological tissue to solar system sets to construct a galaxy, many logical orders rule each system could be expressed in math. the artifacts are always an abstract simulation for relations, rules and elements of universe, through the human being collective memory, whatever was the object its constructing rule follows a mathematical logic.

a number of component I + a number of component X + a number of component E = X.O muqarnas composition, through multi-axial symmetries in different views that make the system balanced, the transparent volume of the maximal composition, melts the visual realization of the 3D into enormous scenes of  2D patterns, when the eye angle and  position changes. 

this post traces the development of “a three dimensional decaying” project: muqarnas structural system, which is a modular system, to be applicable for CNC wood router and the tenon and mortise joining technique.



on the right the sketch shows the different approaches to visualize the system. on the other side a primary sketch for the locking system.

fitting the mortises and the locks in each member to be repeatable.

24 copy6




the locking system tighten the members together in XY, YZ and XZ planes ._MG_9831

the system is consists of  a number of nodes the node fits the volume of  390mm * 432mm * 432mm, two nodes of el-muqarnas structural system can carry loads up to 80 kilograms.


the system had many applications, check the flying cabinet for example, i will update the blog with every new application. now enjoy this GIF.


*xo is a series of CNC routed furniture

the intellectual work and the copyrights are reserved for ain.design.studio & abdallah.rgb



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